Vincent Drayne is a designer working with branding, motion, and 3D for The Collected Works.

In his spare time, he can be found reading sci-fi novels, eating a big sandwich, and/or riding his bike.


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PRINT Awards

Motion Design, 3D Design and Rendering

For their  2024 awards season, PRINT wanted to embrace the future of design–and the merging of tradition and technology. The branding system and motion package The Collected Works assembled showcases the expansive array of techniques and styles, reflecting the diversity of entrants and winners. These renders and animations can be used independently of each other, as well as assembled into a call-for-entries hero video. Credits: Design and Editing by Justin Colt. Design and Motion by Christian Townsend, Mina Son, and Yasmin Mukino.

Complete credits on the full case study via The Collected Works.
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